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RIMAU RIGHTS (RR) is founded upon the vision that Malaysian literary works could and should be promoted to a worldwide audience.

Due to the fact that there are a lot of aspects of the publishing industry such as contracts, marketing, production and cross-medium publication, which might not be familiar to some authors or content owners – hence, the role of Rimau Rights is essential to facilitate them.

Therefore, Rimau Rights will also act as a bridge between Malaysian and international stakeholders, as an international publicist.

Azree Ariffin


Azree Ariffin is the co-founder of Rimau Rights Literary Agency. Being a former lawyer and rights officer – he specializes in intellectual property management for the creative industry.

He has had 5 years working experiences with the government owned Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books and is currently a member of the Copyright Tribunal of Malaysia.

Being in many different roles in the creative industry such as a writer, copyright activist and culture enthusiast both locally and internationally, has thought him that IP protection is essential for every creative content owners.

Hafiz Latiff


Hafiz Latiff started his journey in the book industry as a narratologist in which he writes more than 20 books and zines as well as providing contents for various literary magazines.

As a publisher, literary agent and book enthusiast, he has been actively involved in various literary events especially around Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Turkey.

He participated in Istanbul Fellowship Program (2019-2022), Turkish Literature Abroad Meetings (2020-2021), Indonesia Partnership Program (2019) and Singapore Writers Festival (2018).

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